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Want to win a product key for video games and other prizes?

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The bag icon wins you the prize product key.

These icons all give you nothing.

You need to get a full row of bag icons to win. If any of the icons are not a bag then you lose.

When you win a prize product key the key will be displayed in a message below the 'Spin Status' field, along with instructions on how to claim it from the product website.

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The 'Hack All Wheels' button will guarantee a win at the full points cost. If you just want the prize without all the spinning then you can use this button.

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Message Log:

== Please Note ==

If you need more points then you can click the ^Get More Points link to top-up your points balance. That link allows you to complete surveys and offers to get points. You'll need to be logged into your account to get credited for any offers that you complete. Points are only available once they are credited to your account by the third-party offer site, so you may need to be patient. Generally this will only take a few minutes but in some cases it may take longer. The third-party offer sites may also reject a completed offer if they think it is fraudulent, in which case you won't get any points.

Points will only be deducted for a spin that proceeds and is a win or a loss. If a selected prize has already been won or some other problem occurs then no points are deducted from your account.

While a prize product key shouldn't normally be displayed more than once, in the event that this happens the first person to claim the key on the marketplace it is claimable on will be considered the final winner.

If you elect to sell the prize product key via any method including selling on third-party websites then you do so entirely at your own risk.

You use any prize that can be won on this website entirely at your own risk. The quality and safety of software and other prizes won is outside the control of the owners of this website.

When completing third-party offers to gain points you do so entirely at your own risk. Take care when supplying personal information to, or installing software from, third-party sites and services.

This website is experimental, has limited features, and may have some bugs. You use it entirely at your own risk.